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Why Do We Need A Government?

Those who had not actually read Locke’s book knew his ideas from newspapers, political pamphlets, church sermons, and discussions. Many of the Founders believed people receive these rights from God. Others believed that people have them just because it is natural for people to have them. Progressivism is a direct and conscious rejection of the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Policymakers in a democracy are tasked with balancing these goals against each other and deciding what mixture of policies to adopt to achieve the above outcomes in ratios that its citizens support. The government balances the goals and decides the mixture of policies for society. We asked professionals to explain the importance and purpose of the government, and here’s what they have to say.

Teach the Constitution in your classroom with nonpartisan resources including videos, lesson plans, podcasts, and more. Check out our classroom resources organized by each article or amendment, and by key constitutional questions. Importantly, the Preamble declares who is enacting this Constitution—the people of “the United States.” The document is the collective enactment of all U.S. citizens. The Constitution is “owned” by the people, not by the government or any branch thereof. Constitution and remain ultimately responsible for its continued existence and its faithful interpretation.

Finally, the government should ensure the existence and improvement of the conditions that will help citizens build a nation. America’s diversity is its greatest strength and the deepest source for tension. The battles that are birthed from that conflict are reflected in the process of government decision-making for budgets, policies, and programs. The challenge of government and the citizenry is achieving a meaningful system of grassroots governance. Even at its barest—the libertarian’s “night-watchman state”—government pits the safety of the community against individuals’ liberty.

In terms of philosophy, Plato was quite possibly the first Western political philosopher. He debated over popular issues of the time and helped to define the types of government such as oligarchies and democracies in his political speeches and books. Aristotle later followed him with Politics and Nicomachean Ethics. The government in Athens held public discourse and had both an Assembly, a Tribunal, and a Bouleuterion made up of 400 and later 500 Athenians on it. The government in Athens helped to pass basic laws and decrees that would benefit the public and protect them from crimes and dangerous outsiders. It did not function much farther beyond that as would happen in future civilizations.

Instead of pursuing its true purpose in society, the government may actually be used as an instrument of destruction. Permission is granted to freely use this information for nonprofit educational purposes only. The development of this text was originally funded and cosponsored by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution. The US Department of Education disclaims the responsibility for any opinion or conclusions contained herein.

A just government is a government that secures the natural rights of its citizens. Natural rights are universal and unchanging and so just government is universal and transcends time also. I believe it is but not limited to provide the best life possible to its people and it should be done in a manner that provides equality and justice, not favoring any class of society. All other ideas such as freedom, rights, laws, order, and any other matter concerning how the government is run is all aimed to conceive its main objective which is the well-being of society. Both are equally necessary and should be balanced to guarantee freedom and equality.

In this sense of the word, welfare means a state of happiness and well-being within a society. While all governments share this broad purpose, they act to implement this goal to different degrees, depending on the values of society. Social welfare states, such as those found in much of Europe, provide extensive government services, including free public education, income support, and government-supplied health care.

The purpose of government, then, is to shape and create individuals. Its task is to change your nature by creating programs that give you resources which will make you into the kind of person the progressives are sure you need to be. An individual may not want to be shaped and created in that way but the scientific experts know what is best.

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